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Currently Im Years old, born and living in Germany. I started coding back in 2015 with a good friend, back then it was basic HTML and CSS, we both didn't have a clue how JavaScript, Bootstrap or other things worked but rather just experimented with the Knowledge we had. About 2 Years later I started to develop Discord bots with something similar to Scratch, not exactly coding, but you get the idea on how it works aka Javascript ~ it suddenly became easy to understand and I don't know why. I also started to take a deeper look into Bootstrap and how things work in the general coding / Programming scene. With 17 Years old (2019) I started an apprenticeship as an it system electronics technician, and will be finished Jul 2022. When I was new in the apprenticeship, I started to learn C++ in school, after a year switched schools and then learned C# and the basics of Java. With this knowledge on "real" Programming (not HTML or CSS) I started to become very interested in JavaScript again, and I really fast understood how it works and how to use it. Starting back in middle 2020 I developed my first own Online Websocket Chatting site (similar to Discord) with HTML, CSS (Bootstrap) and PHP, soon to find out all I've build was easy to exploitable (for example to XSS attacks), then got unmotivated very fast. BUT the same speed I got unmotivated I started to get motivated again after I heard about Node.js (yes don't blame me, that I didn't know earlier), starting with Node.js, Express, Socket.io and fresh motivation, recoded the whole Project called Sepma.net. The motivation had reached its peek and fell again, but with the knowledge I've earned, started to develop Discord bots again and here Iam now ~ Not the best but nobody can know everything 😊.

  • Discord Verified Bot Developer
  • 2 Verified Discord Bots
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio
  • Node.js
  • HCL Notes
  • MariaDB
  • GitHub
  • Discord
  • Linux / Windows
  • Udemy

I am familiar and work on a daily basis with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and other modern frameworks

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Discord Bots I work on right now

"What are Discord bots?"" - You might ask, if you don't know the platform "Discord". Discord is the easiest way to talk over voice, video and text - all free. Discord bots simply said are Robots that help you get a nice Discord Experience. These Bots can be Developed in many ways, such as using Python, Javascript or other Libraries. I Personally Code all of my bots in a Node.js Application using the Discord.js Library.

Thread Manager Online

Threads just got released and not many bots are currently capable of moderating them. Since threads are a whole different type of communication then Discord had before it will take a while for other bots to catch up. Thankfully Thread Manager is always ahead of the game! Thread Manager is a bot that will look over all threads created in your Server and logs all activities made on or in them. Invite me

Thread Manager

Midnight Online

As Scams on Discord start to become annoying and more dangerous, I have made the bot for you! Midnight is a bot that prevents people to send scam links around in your server, without a setup needed! People that send scam links will get its message deleted and will gain +1 infraction. The Infractions are globally, so everyone with access to this bot can see the Infractions. Invite me


TropicoX Online

TropicoX is the next generation Economy bot for your server with many features, jobs and other coming soon, currently in Development! Invite me


Infinity Lounge Online

Infinity Lounge is a basic Fun / Meme Bot, currently in rework. Invite me

Infinity Lounge

Server: Sebi's Townhall
This is my official Server, here you can join if you need support or have suggestions about any of my bots.

Server: Velithora
A Small friendly Community, where you can play games with each other.

Frequently asked questions

As of right now i am not Developing custom bots for everyone, only for Discord servers with 10.000 Members or more and a good amount of activity. For Questions or Inquiries you can join my server and contact me there.
I actually do use a Template, not a random one, but rather one I made by myself. If you want to check out the template, click here.

Contact details

For any type of online project please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. The fastest way is to send me your message using the following email: [email protected]